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    Feature Request: NPM:: Universal Device Pollers as objects




      I would like to propose that you can treat a UNDP as an object and add it to groups etc. Except that you can apply some rules to the object that says if the raw data = x then object is down, if data = y then object is up or if data = z then object is up.


      This means that you can drag UNDP objects onto a map, or into a group. So lets say your monitoring a Virtual Server (on a loadbalancer) that has mulitple pools. You could create a group that contains UNDP objects for the various pool members and add that to a map to go. So you may have a dashboard that has all your Virtual Servers (represented as a group)


      In this example you are not polling the pool members directly but querying the mibs on the Loadbalancer which reports on the health of the pool members.