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    'All Nodes' Grouping



      In the All Nodes section of NMP The default is to group nodes by vendor and status.  I'd like to have my nodes grouped by subnet.  I have looked through the options and can't seem to find that anywhere....

      And, if you group by location, does it just pull the location by the SNMP config on the device?

      Anyone know if that is possible?


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          I don't think it's possible to group by subnet out of the box. The only way I know will work is to add a custom property to each node and manually add the subnet in. You could then group by the custom property.

          If you group by location it will use the SNMP value, yes. I found it was quicker to add a custom property for location and manually add the entries in that way, as most of our equipment does not have the location value set on the device itself.