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    What bugs are fixed in NPM 10.1.1 SP1?


      Ok, SP1 is available.  Is there any other info about this SP?

      What's changed or fixed?  Is there a public release note with this info?

      Maybe Cisco release notes have me spoiled, but I'd like to know what bugs are fixed and what bugs are still present (and acknowledged) in any given SP.

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          See Orion NPM 10.1.1 Service Pack 1 Now Availablewhich is the content of the readme

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              Already read that.  Other than the install/uninstall process, it has nothing I'm looking for.

              It tells me which files are changed, but it doesn't tell me why the changes were necessary.  What specific issues have been fixed and what is still an open issue?

              For example, I have a polling issue when I run a discovery.  I don't know if the SP fixes the issue or if I still need to open a support case. 
              If I'm running into a know issue that is corrected by the SP, then I have info that helps me run the upgrade through my change management/control processes much quicker. 
              If this is a known issue that is not corrected yet then the patch can wait for a normal server patch cycle and I know not to run long discoveries during critical periods.

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                  These are the issues fixed.  Send me your NS Case and I can look at the status of the case you are asking about

                  Orion NPM 10.1.1 Service Pack 1 addresses the following issues:

                  • Improved CPU and memory usage for SolarWinds Job Engine
                  • Improved performance for both the SolarWinds Collector and the Orion NetPerfmon service

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                      I don't have a case open for my particular issue yet.

                      So you're saying that SP1 is just performance tuning, and no bug fixes. Correct?

                      This is helpful to know in case the assigned engineer responds with a statement along the lines of "that's a known bug fixed in the latest service pack."

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                          There are bug fixes, but they are around this area.  I don't know the specifics of your issue, there is always a chance it could be fixed by some of the changes we did.  However, I cannot say for certain without more info.

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                              And until I know specifics of what's fixed, I don't know whether the patch addresses any existing issues.  I have no info to help me determine scheduling priority.
                              If there were a ReadMe that stated bug reports x, y, and z were fixed, then I could make an informed decision on whether and when to install a patch.  It would also give more credibility when support instructs us to apply a patch.


                              It appears the answer to my original question is "No, we have no info for you to review.  Just trust us and apply the patch because we said to."

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                                  I have to agree that it is more than just helpful to have an idea as to what is fixed in order to determine whether to install the SP.

                                  Most organizations who employ ITIL/change management process require a description of what changes are being implemented before approval is given.

                                  I opened a case with regard to the "Export to PDF" failing with a "401 Unauthorized error".

                                  The response I received yesterday from support said - quote:  "We have been working on a service pack to resolve the issues you are experiencing."

                                  I was pretty leery - as this looks like a canned response to customers.

                                  Needless to say, after installing the SP - the problem did NOT go away, and according to Brandons note above, the SP was performance related - so I should not have been hopeful that the problem would be resolved.

                                  To say the least there are some opportunities with regard to the consistency of support provided.  From my experience, some support techs have been excellent, some are of the "load the latest patch and see if that helps" mindset.

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                                    Would it be helpful for you to know the bug numbers? Are you looking for a detailed description of the bug? NetSuite case titles (the title used when filing a case) do not always accurately reflect what might be fixed finally?

                                    I'm interested in knowing the depth of detail you're requesting.



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                                        Michael -

                                        Yes, that is what I'm looking for. 
                                        Specifically I'd like to know:

                                        1. what issues are fixed in this patch?
                                        2. what bugs are not fixed but are documented?
                                        3. under what conditions does the bug appear?
                                        4. what is the severity/impact of the bug?
                                        5. is there a workaround?

                                        As I previously mentioned I may be spoiled by Cisco release notes, but at a minimum I'm looking for what bugs (with description) are fixed in a patch, and what bugs are open but known.

                                        This allows us to determine if an issue we experience is known, whether there is currently a fix, or whether to contact support.  If it is determined that a patch will fix an issue, we then have justification for taking a production system out of production.  As reheindel mentioned, this info is needed when submitting a change request in ITIL/managed-change environments.

                                        Solarwinds lists the Orion products as "Enterprise-Class IT Management".  Enterprise environments need this info.

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                            So, I'm on 10.0.0, SP1 and planning to upgrade this weekend.  If I read this correctly, this is the proper update sequence.

                            10.1.1 SP1
                            10.1.1 HotFix 1

                            Thanks for any guidance.


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                              We upgraded to 10.1.1 and then applied both hotfix 1 and 2 after that, however we're still having memory issues on a couple of our pollers. We're planning on upgrading the hardware on one of the boxes, however the other one didn't have issues until the upgrade.  Are there additional fixes in SP1 that weren't included in both hotfix 1 and 2? Just wondering if it's worth applying, or if I should open a case? Thank you!