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    Report Writer reporting on Network Maps

    Daniel Miller

      How can I get report writer to list what nodes are connected to what nodes via what interface(s) that exist on a Network Map.

          Network Map: My Field Site
               Device   -   Interface   -   Interface -- Device
            MyServer1 - eth0          -      Port1    -- MySwitch
            MyServer2 - eth0          -     Port1     -- MySwitch
            MySwitch -  Port 5        -    Port1      -- MySwitch2
            MyRouter - eth1           -   Port2       -- MySwitch2

      Something like that anyhow.
      This way I can easily verify what interfaces are connected where, and determine if there is suppose to be another device someplace.  For Instance, in the above example, I have 2 servers connected to the same port, so there must be either another switch or some sort of passthrough.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.


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          Like the NPM Topology Resource?

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              Daniel Miller

              Like from a network map like this,  NPM Topology resource,  I believe we are thinking the same.



              Example Report:
                         Device          Interface      to       Interface                   Device
               DESBT                    HP NC373i             Slot:1 Port 2   425-24T Switch Stack Bardstown OET
               MP 4000B/LD040B ncmac0                  Slot:1 Port 9   425-24T Switch Stack Bardstown OET
              425-24T Switch...   Slot:1 Port 1           Port 2             350F Baystack Switch Bardstown DVR
              350F Baystack...     Port 1                     Port 1             Router - Bardstown OET       
              350F Baystack...     Port 9                     ncmac0           Aficio MP 2851
              CHS Shelbyville...    Ethernet                 Port 6            350F Baystack Switch Bardstown DVR


              Something like that.