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    IP Address Management Switches??

      I was wondering if there were any /switches to go along with the IP-Address-Management.exe that would kick off a full scan once started. I am running the IP-Address-Management.exe as a service on my machine and want it to start a complete scan of all networks when I turn my machine is turned on so that the website that it published stays current. Any way to do this otherwise if there are no /switches to add to the service start executable?


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          There are no command line switches for IP Address Management. The closest you can get right now to what you want is to right click a subnet and set it up for auto-discovery on a specified interval. Then when you start IP address Management up it will periodically re-scan the subnet.



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            A Knowledge Base article has been created based on the content of this thread.


            How can I automate IP Address Management scans?

            IP Address Management has the ability to scan subnets  on a scheduled basis. This ensures that your IP address information on  all of your subnets is always up to date.

            To automate IP Address Management subnet scans:

            1. Start IP Address Management from the Classic Tools menu.
            2. Right-click the subnet you want to configure, and then click Details.
            3. Ensure Disable automatic scanning is unchecked.
            4. Adjust the Scan subnet every XX hours slider to the desired interval, and then click OK.
            Applies to:
            Toolset 9.0
            Toolset 9.1
            Toolset 9.2
            Toolset 10.0
            Toolset 10.1
            Toolset 10.2
            Toolset 10.3
            Toolset 10.4
            Toolset 10.5
            Toolset 10.6