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    Can't change Menu Bars in NPM 10.1.1


      Recently upgraded from NPM 10 to 10.1.1 to resolve several issues.  Those issues are resolved but now I can't Customize Menu Bars in any way.  I can't add new menu bars, I can't modify existing menu bars.

      Any ideas?

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          I was having some issue with the AD auth and menu bars.  I would change to a custom menu bar for an admin group and it didn't show up for me (at first).  I was going to open a ticket but it took me a couple days to find the time, but viola, the menu bar I wanted was there now!  I have a feeling it had something to do with cache.  Try clearing your browsers cache and the web cache from the settings page (top right corner, just below the menu bar).

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            Hey footerest--

            Netlogix is right or at least on the right track. I checked our support log and one of them mentioned to clear your browser's cache. 

            Give that a try and post back.

            Also, did you download the two hotfixes for 10.1.1? They are in your customer portal.