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    Labels not Enumerating on Device Poller table


      Hello all,

      I have a Tabulated Universal Device Poller which i have setup to display the Temperatures of my HP Servers. These servers do not have OIDs for the description of where the sensors are located in the system, so i have taken the Index Number, and mapped the values to their textual names, as per recommendations.

      The Index OID, I have named as Temp_Location. When I add this Temp_Location to my Poller table, It displays fine as its enumerated text values. If i select that column to be the Label, the text doesnt enumerate and it displays the Raw Values.

      To emphasize this, I added the Temp_Location to the table, and also selected it for the Label, making it display twice.

      Obviously what i would like is the Temp_Location label, to be displayed as the Enumerated text!

      Have i found a bug, or is this on purpose? 

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          Unless anyone knows better, that's how it needs to look.

          My table for HP server temperatures looks almost exactly the same - I just have a poller called "Temp" instead of your "Temp_Celcius" and use that as the label, to try to avoid confusion in case people try to match up the "label" with sensor locations inside the server. It would be better to just hide the label column completely, but that can't be done out of the box.