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    Template wildcards!


      The thing I would like to see most from a future APM release is the ability to wildcard in templates and have APM discover matches when applying the template to a device to monitor. In my case I would need this for Windows Service monitors. An example would be database services, we have a ton of databases on a single server each named something like "SQL Server (Orion)", and "SQL Server (project1)", and "SQL Server (Project15)", etc. So I end up doing a find processes, services, etc to monitor and adding them to a monitor without adding them to a template. This isn't a problem until you're on the 50th one, or the 100th one... I would like to be able to create a template with a service monitor that gives the service monitor name as "SQL Server*", hit the apply template button, select 30 servers, and end up with 200 SQL database services getting monitored. What do you think?