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    Dependencies require Admin


      Why do Dependencies require Admin, when Groups do not?

      I need to allow management of Dependencies without giving Admin rights.

      Shouldn't the "allow node management rights" work for this?

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          Good feedback, this is something I will enter in to the system for us to look at further.

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            I found this thread, but was unable to locate through search the resolution. Sorry to bump a 3 year old thread, but I want to answer this for future people doing this search.


            1. Select Customize Menu Bars in Admin view.

            2. Edit the menu bar of the user group that needs to manage dependencies.

            3. Click Add

            4. Point the URL to "/Orion/Admin/DependenciesView.aspx"


            These user groups will now have access only to the Dependencies view page. They are not able to directory traversal to the Admin page either. These users will only be granted access, if you allow it on their menu bar.