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    Gauges Scale Adjustment


      Currently viewing reponse times for nodes via gauges is counter productive and doesn't really provide the visual information it is intended too as the default scale is 0...2500ms!

      In my environment the largest average reponse time is between UK & Australia at 350ms with Europe at around 20ms, with LAN and other WAN hardly registering on the guage, I would like to see this as a configurable parameter within the NPM management, I have currently worked around this by altering as suggested by support, the files located in C:\inetpub\SolarWinds\Orion\NetPerfMon\Resources\NodeGauges- AverageResponseTimeLinear.ascx.cs, AverageResponseTimeRadial.ascx.cs

      This helps, but it would be nice if this was more granular as I would like to have different values on LAN & Wan connected nodes as to have a scale of 0..100 would be most common, as it stands have opted for 0...200 scale to cover 95% of estate




      After tweak:



      Dale Sprott

      NPM 10.1.1, APM 4.01, NCM 6.0, NTA 3.7