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    Where's a new release?


      I know there have been several bugs and feature requests over the last few years since owning ipMonitor and following this forum.  When is a new version/build going to be released?  I beleive 10.0.1 was released in Novebmer 2009.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who pays yearly maintenance for ipMonitor and not seeing a release for the entire 2010 year is not encouraging.  ipMonitor is a great product...i sure hope it's not a dead project!

      -Charles S

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          Hi Charles - I am the current pm for IpM - I say current to emphasize that we still have a PM for IpM. SolarWinds has been focusing on some of our other products a bit, and while we are still actively supporting IpM, we are behind on the next release. However, we do intend to make this right for those customers who have stuck with us and been so patient. We'll be able to provide more details soon.