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    Wrong row titles

      1. added a few Motorola Access Points.
      2. created several pollers to pull what I need to monitor.
      3. added a Tabular Universal Device Poller
      4. when I click "edit", and select the pollers to display, the "Select rows to display" appears and I can select which rows to select. - the problem is, the titles are wrong and I cannot figure out where to change them.

      I doublechecked all my pollers and they are correct.

      when I poll "Canopy MultiPoint" it gives the info for LUID#2.

      if i Walk the device, I see the 5 correct LUID labels (

      It is almost as if the getTable started one too low

      Name/OID: .; Value (Integer): 2
      Name/OID: .; Value (Integer): 3
      Name/OID: .; Value (Integer): 4
      Name/OID: .; Value (Integer): 5
      Name/OID: .; Value (Integer): 6
      Name/OID: .; Value (OctetString): Canopy MultiPoint

      thanks in advance

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              j sachs

              You may have received an answer already but here is what I found:



              Type in your OID, browse the MIB table under Orion Universal Device poller, select a device and test.    The rows show up under Test Sucessful.


              I am trying to figure out how to place each Device Poller on a seperate row for a UPS instead of all 3 on one row when I came across this.

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              Did you ever get this figured out, I'm adding in OIDs from a Metaswitch and since Solarwinds does not have anything setup for them its all custom, and the OID is showing as my rows, rather than your 3,4,5,6... so did you ever get this lined out? I'm really needing to rename/relabel these fields as some of the OIDs are way to long and causing viewers issues as they have to scroll right on the table to get the values.


              Here is a image, i extended my table width to 600 to get them all in there, normally its 400 and cuts off a good deal. But i NEED to see about renaming the rows... these OID's are crazy, surely there's a way to customize this a little more??






              and then:



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                  it's all about the Labels for table pollers. Right clict the poller name in Orion Universal Device Poller application and select Label. There are three options:


                  - Use interface names from Orion - in case RowIDs from polled table represent the interface index, you can use interface names as labels for polled values


                  - Use labels from a table column - you can select column from polled table as a label for polled values (this works only in case the polled MIB is included in Orion MIB database. If not, as a label will be used the same column that you poll for values - this seems to be bagz case as he has the polled values as labels)


                  - Use a custom label - you can use your own label that will end with the number of row (e.g CustomLabel 1, CustomLabel 2, etc.)



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                      Custom labels adds in the custom label but it does not replace the OID, i get the entire OID string and then the label, and the other options are no better in getting to where i need.

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                          I figured out my issue, I thought that the "use labels from a table column" was not working as when i selected it nothing populated after a test... Turns out I am not patient. I let it run a long while and it returned the data I wanted. One box took around 5 minutes and my other box took around 15-20 minutes to return data from a test for the table/column. So now I am able to get most of my tables labeled correctly. The other tables I cannot label do not have a column with any type of identifier, so I am hosed there.