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    Can't map non-VLAN1 ports on Cisco 4506?


      I have Solarwinds Switchport mapper, version, and of course my boss let the service on it lapse in 2010, because I've never needed support for this tool until now.  When I try to map non-VLAN1 ports on my Catalyst 4506 switches, I get the error that the device does not support Bridge MIB.  If I try using SNMP credentials public@1, it works.  Just bare "public" also works for VLAN 1.  But public@5 or anything else but 1 returns the above error. 

      Non VLAN1 port mapping works on other devices, like a Catalyst 2960 switch or a 3COM 4500 switch on my network. 

      The 4506 switches are running IOS version 12.2(53)SG.

      Any ideas?