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    upsOnBattery MIB

      Fellow Thwackerians --

      We'd like to set up an alert that will notify us when a UPS switches to battery power. Most of our UPS devices are APC, in PowerNet-MIB there appears to be a solution, upsOnBattery OID But we're having trouble with it. When testing, a couple times it's worked correctly, but usually the test fails with error messages 'No Such Name' or 'OID not supported'.

      I'm wondering if (1) anyone else has seen, and maybe solved, this problem; (2) how can I tell if the Universal Device Poller MIB database has the latest PowerNet-MIB; and (3) if there is some other way to throw an alert when a UPS device loses commercial power and switches to battery.


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          Fought this battle not too long ago. Near as I can tell,  that MIB works on older units.  I finally had success with Also,  watch your poll time. The system standard is too long to react to any intermittant loss.  That MIB is current line voltage, need to set-up to alert when voltage is below 117 or so.

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            As I mentioned, about six months ago,  I got immersed in our APC ups.  Living with a geographically diverse network on the Gulf Coast, one learns to think back-up early and often.  While that time on battery MIB yields results, variance in load and battery age result in a wide range of run time. In the interest of accuracy, you would need alerts individualized for each unit….and maintain  then as things change and age  I think there’s also a time left on battery MIB. However it has the same limitations mentioned above.

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                I know exactly what you're talking about. Under the pressure of events we've dropped the ball on UPS maintenance and now (after a couple of ugly and unnecessary outages) we're looking to get them back in shape. We're running a number of APC MIBs, but we're cautious regarding their accuracy. We see some definite contradictions among the MIBs. We'll probably implement the 'time on battery' MIB, but be careful with the result.

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                    Brent,  I just looked at the APC page you have on line. You're several firmware updates behind. Again,  been there,  done that. The new interface is smoother, more complete and HTML to boot. The only caviat is that when bringing forward the management cards, it took as many as three attempts.  With no pattern reguarding which one went clean and which one hung-up.