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    Are we stable now ?


      What's the general consensus of the stability of 10.1.1 hotfix 2 ?   We're still at 10, and I've been sitting on the sidelines watching .1 come out and then the .1.1  and then the hotfix 1 and hotfix 2

      I'd like to try some of the new features, but I'd rather not have to take our system down for a new hotfix every few days.


      Also....If I download the install from the customer portal page, exactly what version will I be getting ?






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          What the difference between hotfix and sp?

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            We are in the same boat ad the original poster, waiting for things to stabilize before the upgrade.  Also, is there a release available now that includes the 10.1.1 as well as hotfix 1 and hotfix 2?  Much like the original poster, I need to know what all I will need to download and install at this point.

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                I think Hotfix 1 adds an extra polling thread and hotfix 2 allows you to stop html based emails that got introduced in 10.1 that was causing some issues with some ticket management system integrations.  (or is that backwards? 1 vs 2).  So the hot fixes are for specific things that you may, or may not want.  I don't think they are gonna do a roll up until they figure out exactly how they are gonna fit it in right.  Also, the html email can be cool for formatting, I hope they include some a checkbox in the alert email definition so you can choose which emails are html and which are text, but right now it is a global on or off that you can change in an xml file if you need to turn it off.