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    Editing Node & Custom Properties


      1. Auto-size node Name cell or set cell size to 50 chars. 

      2. Auto-size all CP cells to defined character length rather than fixed sized cell or, if a CP is greater than default cell size (18chars), size cell to defined character length. 

      3. Note the maximum length of CP next to cell.

      4. If #1 is not feasible, provide a tooltips-like text box showing full text when pointer is hovered over cell.

      5.  Would like to have a NPM Global setting for "Allow 64-bit Counters" and disable the exceptions in Edit Properties.

      6.  Would like to see Community Strings cells shown as a dropdown pick-list rather than having to arrow down using keypad then Enter.  Arrow down to view all (strings) only works if cell is blank.  to see list you have to delete existing string.

      7. Would like to see drop-down list of learned CP values per CP.

      8. Add Submit and Cancel buttons to each group of Properties (SNMP, Polling, Dependencies, Custom Properies, etc.) to eliminate always having to scroll to bottom of page.

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          Hi Rgward--

          Thanks for this thorough feedback as well.


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              Hi Rgward,

              Adding all your Custom Property input to what we already have in this area.

              We hear a lot about Custom Property Editor and I wanted to give you a bit more insight about why we have not made more progress on this, so far.
              The reason is that we have plans for moving the Custom Property Editor to the Web based interface and whatever changes we would do on the current code base would basically be throw-away code.  With 10.1 you saw us start to do this as well with advanced alerts with some of the new functionality we introduced there.

              At this time, we are not in a position to confirm date and content for the “new” Custom Property Editor, as we are still in the planning phases for our next release, but this specific item is a sub-feature of this broader initiative.

              Francois Caron, Snr Product Manager