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    Show all VM Guests which are not monitored


      Hi, I am bringing 3 very large corporations together and we have over 160 ESX Hosts with a multitude of guests with varying OS's and Power Status. (on/off/suspended)

      I have been tasked to provide a list of all the VM's and weather or not they are being monitored in NPM.  The problem I am running into is this:

      If the guest is not monitored in NPM, I dont know how to generate a list which shows that.

      When I go to the actual ESX Host, I get a list of all the VM's running on that Host and I can see that some are monitored and some are not.

      So, my question is this:

      How do I generate a report which shows the monitored status of the guests on all the ESX hosts if NPM is not yet monitoring them?