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    PDF Export from Manage Nodes Screen


      Hi everyone,

      I am using NPM 10.1 and am trying to do a simple 'Export to PDF' from the Manage Nodes screen. While the system generates a readable PDF, none of the sorted data is included. In this case I am just trying to export a subset of nodes by IP address. Even if there is no searching or sorting done it still doesn't include any of the data from the list. If i try to do this from a PC logged into the web console then I get an error saying 'There was an error trying to export the page to PDF'. The remote server returned an error: 404 not found.

      I was able to create a basic report to do the same thing, but one-off reports like this would be much faster if I could export to PDF. I am mostly concerned about fixing the problem from the local web console.


      Anyone had this problem? Thanks