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    Report Writer: Bandwidth and Custom Bandwidth

      Hi Guys,

      I need to create a report that shows bandwidth over 30 days for each of our Cisco routers.

      I'm trying to create a report that shows bandwidth utilization as it relates to the custom bandwidth set up for the interface. So in Report Writer, I selected Interface Bandwidth: Interfaces.InBandwidth and Interfaces.OutBandwidth.

      The problem is: The value of Interfaces.InBandwidth, Interfaces.OutBandwidth and Speed is identical for each interface. For example, I used the SQL query: "select * from Interfaces  WHERE (InterfaceSpeed <> InBandwidth) AND (InterfaceSpeed <> OutBandwidth) AND (InterfaceSpeed > 0) AND (Status = 1) order by FullName" but there is no result.

      I also tried to show the custom bandwidths but there is no result for this field.

      Can someone please help me to do that?

      Thanks for your help.