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    Logging Alerts to Windows Event Log--Changing Severity or Event ID



      I'm looking to build a custom solution to integrate Orion 10.1  alerts with Operations Manager 2007 R2. The Management Pack is a bit more than what we want. So I figured I'd build an event log monitor that would create an OpsMgr alert when a Node is DOWN and clear it when UP. Because a number of nodes can be down, I was hoping that I could adjust severity and event ID, which would then allow me to just capture the hostname in the event description. With this I could build a module that would be smart enough to close out the correct DOWN alert when it went UP when multiple nodes are DOWN.

      In testing it appears that no matter what, events are written to the log with ID = 3003, and Level = Information

      Is it possible at all to tweak this module so DOWN alerts write to the event log as Error level and change the Event ID? I was hoping variables in the description would be seen as parameters I could use, but no matter how I format the message it's seen as a single parameter string. Think I know the answer but checking anyway. Thanks!