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    How to allocate more than 2GB memory for profiler services


      We have installed Backup Profiler on Windows 2008 64-bit server and the machine also has 16GB of RAM. While installing the profiler application we have selected 2GB memory (as recommended) for all child services required for profiler. After installation some services are stuck at Starting state and web application didn't even started. After going through the logs we have found that system is not able allocate 2GB of heap space and crashing. 

      To fix the issue we have reinstalled the application and selected only 1GB of RAM for all services, after installation all services are running properly without any problem.

      The questions I have is

      1. Even when the SolarWinds recommends to use 2GB why application is not able allocate the memory?

      2. Where I need to change the configuration to add additional memory?

      3. Is the issue related to limitation of 32-bit process running on 64-bit machine>



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          Sorry for the late reply.  Question #3 nailed it on the head, yes, it is because you are using the 32-bit version of Profiler.  There is an inherent 1Gb limit to Java.  We do have an x64 version available to customers that does not have this limit (and takes advantage of other x64 goodness as well).


          for your other questions, which version did you try to install?  There is a known bug in some of the older versions that would let the 32-bit version's installer go past 1Gb that should be fixed with the latest release (4.12.3 at the time of this writing).  And the configuration change, it can be done on the fly, however, as I mentioned before, 32-bit java has a 1Gb limit, so your uninstall/reinstall solution works as well.