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    multicast and unicast - packet errors as a percentage


      Hi forum

      I am finally starting to use MS reporting services to mine data out of solarwinds.  one of the reports i need to make (as i am migrating from CA Unicentre) is interface errors, as a percentage of current traffic.

      i was thinking that if i just got the packets throughput, and the errors throughput, then i would do a percentage of one against the other, and hey presto...

      however, i see a multicast and a unicast counter, do i need to add them together?  what is the difference?

      Anyone done something like this?



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          Andy McBride

          Hi Dan,

          I can't get to my NetPerfMon db right now s o I can't see what you are seeing. If the multicast/unicatst is on the same level as the error traffic then it is just another way of counting the total traffic. If the multicast counter is a division of the error traffic then you need to sum them. I hope this is helpful.


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              Hi Andy


              thanks for the reply...

              It looks like there is a sum value in there for total packets through in a given time, and total errors in a given time, so i think i can ignore the multi and uni-cast stuff..


              now i have to work out how to pull the data about errors, and traffic into a single report....  i was stealing SQL from report writer, but there is no report you can create in SW report writer that has error and utilisation summary data within it...

              any thoughts?

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                  Andy McBride

                  You could modify the Total Bytes Transfered by Interface - This Month report and add a field for Interfaces -> Errors_Discards -> Recv Errors this Hour and another field for Xmit. Then change the report time frame to Past Hour so you have apples to apples. Otherwise you can create it from scratch as an Advances SQL Report.

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                      cheers dude,

                      I am having a play witht hat now...  my problem will be when i need to get an average over an 8 hour period...

                      total packets xmit in last hour (aggregate of all 5 minute values in interface-traffic table - i think)

                      total packer errors in last hour (single stat collected every 5 mins)

                      i need to be able to pull multiple packet error fields, average them, without accidentally pulling back multiple error stats within a single hour etc...

                      i wonder am i making sense LOL as I am confused myself

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                          hmmm..  maybe if i use that report, and then switch out the bytes to packets for Tx and Rx....

                          then add the 2 metrics you said, but average them.... that way i get the averages of the packet-errors int he last hour over the day, i think that might be a valid value?

                          SELECT  TOP 10000 Nodes.NodeID AS NodeID,
                          Interfaces.InterfaceID AS InterfaceID,
                          Nodes.Caption AS NodeName,
                          Interfaces.InterfaceName AS Interface_Name,
                          SUM((NullIf(In_TotalBytes,-2)+NullIf(Out_TotalBytes,-2))) AS SUM_of_TotalBytesRecvXmit,
                          SUM(InterfaceTraffic.In_TotalPkts) AS SUM_of_Total_Packets_Received,
                          SUM(InterfaceTraffic.Out_TotalPkts) AS SUM_of_Total_Packets_Transmitted,
                          AVG(Interfaces.InErrorsThisHour) AS AVERAGE_of_InErrorsThisHour,
                          AVG(Interfaces.OutErrorsThisHour) AS AVERAGE_of_OutErrorsThisHour,
                          LTRIM(MONTH(DateTime)) + '/01/' + LTRIM(YEAR(DateTime)),
                          101) AS SummaryMonth

                          (Nodes INNER JOIN Interfaces ON (Nodes.NodeID = Interfaces.NodeID))  INNER JOIN InterfaceTraffic ON (Interfaces.InterfaceID = InterfaceTraffic.InterfaceID AND InterfaceTraffic.NodeID = Nodes.NodeID)

                          ( DateTime BETWEEN 40481 AND 40510.9999884259 )
                            (Nodes.Svc_tag2 = @CUSTOMER_VARIABLE)

                          GROUP BY CONVERT(DateTime, LTRIM(MONTH(DateTime)) + '/01/' + LTRIM(YEAR(DateTime)), 101),
                          Nodes.NodeID, Interfaces.InterfaceID, Nodes.Caption, Interfaces.InterfaceName

                          ORDER BY 3 ASC, 4 ASC ,SummaryMonth ASC

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                              i speak rubbish....  i would end up with total packets over the whole time period (say a day) but an average of packet errors in last hour over the same period, where i actualyl need the count of those averages...  i think.... 

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                                  here we go......  i could do with advice on whether i am valid in this apoproach, but the tables i had to use were:


                                  I used this SQL (which takes 2 parameters, "customer" whcih is a cusom property in my Nodes table, and then Date whicvh is of course the date I want the data from.)

                                  SELECT     dbo.InterfaceTraffic_Daily.DateTime,dbo.InterfaceTraffic_Daily.NodeID, dbo.InterfaceTraffic_Daily.InterfaceID, dbo.InterfaceTraffic_Daily.In_TotalPkts,
                                                        dbo.InterfaceTraffic_Daily.Out_TotalPkts, dbo.InterfaceErrors_Daily.In_Errors, dbo.InterfaceErrors_Daily.Out_Errors, dbo.Nodes.Caption,
                                                        dbo.Interfaces.Caption AS IntCap
                                  FROM         dbo.InterfaceTraffic_Daily INNER JOIN
                                                        dbo.InterfaceErrors_Daily ON dbo.InterfaceTraffic_Daily.InterfaceID = dbo.InterfaceErrors_Daily.InterfaceID AND
                                                        dbo.InterfaceTraffic_Daily.NodeID = dbo.InterfaceErrors_Daily.NodeID AND
                                                        dbo.InterfaceTraffic_Daily.DateTime = dbo.InterfaceErrors_Daily.DateTime INNER JOIN
                                                        dbo.Nodes ON dbo.InterfaceTraffic_Daily.NodeID = dbo.Nodes.NodeID INNER JOIN
                                                        dbo.Interfaces ON dbo.InterfaceTraffic_Daily.NodeID = dbo.Interfaces.NodeID AND
                                                        dbo.InterfaceTraffic_Daily.InterfaceID = dbo.Interfaces.InterfaceID
                                  (dbo.InterfaceTraffic_Daily.DateTime = @date)
                                    (Nodes.Svc_tag2 = @Customer)


                                  Are there any other SSRO users out there who want to start talkinmg and making some noise on this forum?

                                  People are always nagging for reports and grapgics in NPM, but if SW embraces reporting services like MS-SCOM does then we would be able to do magic...