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    How to send messages from one IP to another?

      I have tried 2 of the syslog programs for windows and can't get either of them to work. I now have Kiwi installed and running as an application and not as a service. I have an IP phone that also doesn't work and will only log to a syslog viewer. How do I configure things so the phone will log messages to my syslog?

      PC running syslog is IP

      Phone is IP

      The phone asks to put in the syslog "server". I don't know if this is the IP of the PC that is running the server or what. Do I need a ":514" or something after the IP address to specify the port? At least with Kiwi, from the PC, if ti turn on the heartbeat or stay alive function, I see messages in the log. But that is not challenge, they are coming from itself.  I have windows firewall on the PC and both the phone and PC are connected to the same Netgear wireless switch. The PC is wireless, but the phone is plugged into a port on the switch.

      Can I test this from another pc on my network easily? Is there some command I can send from one machine to the one running Kiwi so I can at least test if I am getting messages?

      This is too hard. For something so simple, just to test the connections, there should be an automatic install where it is just working and a small exe test program that you can copy to any machine and send messages, including the one that Kiwi is running on. Then I could test a dumb device like a phone that gives me very limited control. Thanks!