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    NPM v10.1 - Configuration Wizard issue


      Hi, I am installing a polling engine in a second environment (behind a firewall but supposedly everything is opened up as it should be)

      My scenario is this:

      From my Main Polling server, I was able to RDP into the server which will be an additional polling engine. (I know, I know, using the main polling server as a launchpad for configuring other servers isn't what its been designed for but the firewall has been configured to allow communication between the additional polling engine and the main orion server and the other server which contains the orion database.)

      I installed Orion Additional Polling Engine v10.1 on the server and then the configuration wizard started.

      Everything goes fine through the whole configuration wizard process until the very end "Completing the Orion Figuration Wizard"

      At this point, I get a little popup which states "The Information Service on the primary Orion server is not running.  Please start this service before continuing."

      Obviously I checked the Primary Orion server and found that the "SolarWinds Information Service" is indeed running, so I restarted it.  Still have the same issue.  Restarted the Configuration Wizard.  Still have the same issue.

      This leads me to believe there is possibly one more firewall rule to implement but as yet I cannot figure out what it is.

      My question is this: 

      When the Additional Polling engine checks the Primary Orion server for the Information Service, what port/protocol is used.