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    Bandwith Changed Spam

      We are getting these constantly in the event log. 

      001-00-01-SW03-FastEthernet0/30 - Fa0/30 User defined Transmit Bandwidth changed from 10000000 to 100000000 bps

      I would like to either filter them out completely or to stop monitoring the bandwith change. I have not found a way to do it.  Help would be greatly appreciated.

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          That would indicate that the port speed is changing repeatedly which likely means a speed/duplex mismatch for a Cisco device and whatever's connected to it.

          You should hard set both devices to 1000 full and that "Spam" that's actually a valid alert will go away. 

          Alternatively, if you think ignoring devices with bad interface settings is a good idea, you can probably look through your alerts or advanced alerts tab and disable or delete the alert, delete the alert actions that send an email/page, or whatever you prefer.


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            Mark Roberts

            As Peter has said, this indicates that there is likely a Duplex Mismatch on the interfaces in question, with Orion doing its job of reporting performance issues. This has a big impact on performance and you are best to resolve the duplex settings with a hard set configure at each end.

            The following is an excellent article on the subject - http://www.nojitter.com/blog/archives/2010/07/the_killer_dupl.html