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    Alert View - Advanced Version

      Looking at providing a high level alert view for users who are not necessarily engaged in network management providing similar functionality to what is commonly used in control systems HMI and commonly referred to as an alarm view.  Specific alerts would be targetted for these individuals and this advance alert view would:

      - continously provide an audible alert until the alert was acknowledge
      - if acknowledge, maintain the alert until the status of the is cleared
      - if unacknowledged but cleared, stop alarming, but keep in list until acknowledged

      Currently, the audible happens once, many times personnel are not watching and listening to a monitoring system for that to occur - it can very easily be missed.

      Once acknowledged, the alert disappears from the view, however the problem isn't necessarily fixed.

      Has this become a requirement for any other installations, am I missing something already available?


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           your points are welcome.

          Orion audible alerts is also possible to repeat, as any other action...

          Open Advanced Alert Manager app, edit the alert that is supposed to play sound. Edit the Play sound action, on the Alert Escalation tab you can find option "Execute this Action repeatedly while the Alert is Triggered". Check this option repeat Play sound action. Also Check "Do not execute this action if the Alert has been Acknowledged" to stop play sound when alert was acknowledged.

          Hope this helps a little bit.


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              Hi Z,

              Thanks for the post - in my post I should've be specific about that this would be part of the alert view in the web interface.  The alert action play a sound only functions on the server - I'm looking at providing some high level web pages for personnel who use systems across a WAN so they can gain an understanding when only critical routes, or critical equipment is down, plus the persistance of the alert until the condition is cleared.