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    802.11N clients on Wireless not showing correct speed



      I'm having issues with the "Wireless" view Orion.

      I recently purchased a few Cisco 1142N access points. I did some poking around in the Orion DB and figured out that I needed to add the SNMP OID to the NPM_DEVICE_OIDs table in order to get it recognized as an AP. Now the APs show up in wireless and it displays the connected clients etc.

      The problem is, when a client connects at 802.11N speeds, the speed doesn't display correctly in Orion. It says somthing completely out of whack like 6.5mbps when my wireless adapter says 144mbps. Is this a limitation of the current version of NPM/Orion? Thanks.


      SolarWinds Orion Core 2010.1.0 SP1, NPM 10.0.0 SP1, NTA 3.7,