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    Send patameters with CLI commands

      I'd like to send a parameter that CatTools uses (ie device name) with a CLI command...is this possible?

      Reason why is I want to tftp configs from a WAP device but it requires a file name and I wanted to use the name that I've given the device within CatTools, ie WAP-001.

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          Have a look at the CatTools help (Activities/Activities List/Device.CLI.Send commands/...):

          "Within the commands, you can use a number of variables that are replaced by actual values when the commands are presented to the device. See the section Command Variables for a list of variables you can use."

          The device name
          The device group name
          The device host address
          The device model field
          The device Address1 field
          The device Address2 field
          The device Address3 field
          The device Contact name field
          The device Contact phone field
          The device Contact email field
          current time in HHMM format
          current date in YYYYMMDD format
          device base file name
          file system path of the CatTools executable including a trailing "\"
          carriage return
          line feed
          control key & Z. Normally used to exit config mode.

          Regards, Leonardo