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    Ctrl+E Hotkey causes telnet text to center

      Using (Ctrl+E) hotkey causes telnet text to center. Anyone else having this issue? I'm using latest ETS version on Windows 7 Pro.

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          [after google search...eureka!]

          actually, I just found your "bug". check this out.


          There is no "OS-wide" hotkeys that will do this for every application, but in general, Microsoft typically uses these 3 shortcuts for text alignment in their programs:

          Ctrl + L - Align text left

          Ctrl + E - Align text center

          Ctrl + R - Align text right

          Some programs will follow this and some won't. It's application specific really


          Source: http://superuser.com/questions/114783/keyboard-shortcut-to-right-alignment-in-xp-any-text-box

          So it seems the console is a fancy textbox inherited class that still supports text align hot keys. Could be bad news for folks who use lots of hot keys like myself. I hope this helps.


          Possible fixes:

          [C# .Net]

          // Create a TextBox object

          TextBox dynamicTextBox = new TextBox();

          dynamicTextBox.ShortcutsEnabled = false;

          [C++ .Net]

          Might vary slightly from C#


          Of course the above code disables all shortcuts, but there is already a copy and paste at the bottom of the widget.

          Maybe hand-coding all shortcuts would be best by using keydown events, but isn't there a Console class? Why would you use textboxes anyway?

          ShortcutsEnabled property applies to the following shortcut key combinations:


          • CTRL+Z
          • CTRL+E
          • CTRL+C
          • CTRL+Y
          • CTRL+X
          • CTRL+BACKSPACE
          • CTRL+V
          • CTRL+DELETE
          • CTRL+A
          • SHIFT+DELETE
          • CTRL+L
          • SHIFT+INSERT
          • CTRL+R