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    Change Node status from a trap

      Does anyone know if there is a way to change a node status from a trap. I found how you can change the status of an interface from a trap but my device does not have any interfaces and I would like to change its status when I recieve traps that indicate it is down. I am currenlty using NPM 10.1. Thanks for the help

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          What conditions would you see this working in?  Obviously if a node goes down, it cannot send a trap.  Needless to say, this is not a feature we support today.

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              We are monitoring video projectors. There are conditions where the node will be up from NPM perspective, for example the projector is responding to pings and all the information available from the mib looks normal but the node is down and has sent a trap to indicate that it is down. Some examples of these conditions are, the lamp did not light, there is a security issue with the player, one of the covers is open and so on. Currently we are creating emails from the traps and using those as our alerts, for us it would be ideal if the trap could latch the node into some state other than up to give us a visual indication that the node is experiencing difficulties.