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    This MUST be an FAQ? - how to 'merge' multiple instances of discovered devices

      Hi all


      I'm fairly new to SolarWinds but was impressed by the promises of ease of administration and management.


      I have what seems like a very beginner question but cannot find a reference to the issue elsewhere.


      My problem?  -  I did discovery by means of a 'seed router' and an SNMPWalk first. I have also set up periodic ping/SNMP sweep of defined subnets to pick up new devices.

      Unfortunately when I now examine my SW nodes list I can see multiple 'instances' of the same node (albeit with different IP addresses).  When these are devices like 650x's that can add serveral hundred 'extra' interfaces to be monitored for each extra node.

      Is there any way (short of manual deletion) to 'combine' these multiple 'instances' of the same device?


      Thanks in advance