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    SNMP Trapping/Edit Module error

      Hello everyone, I am a server administrator relatively new to the field, currently maintaining two different networks. We implemented SNMP trapping on our servers and our switches through solarwinds to better monitor our devices. This worked fine on the first network.

      The other network is a different story. When clicking on a node and clicking the "edit" option, an error returns stating

      "The Orion website is currently unable to display this page. Orion polling and alerting services often continue running, though this page cannot be displaye. Take the following steps:

      1. Log in to the website again and navigate to another Orion page, allowing you to isolate the error to this page.

      2. ensure the Orion services are still running.

      3. Check that your SQL Server is still running and accessible.

      Your specific error is:

      host is empy

      Parameter name: host


      To get around this, I attempted to do SNMP trapping through the network discovery (which is really all I want, remember) using the Sonar Wizard. Here comes another error, or maybe this is supposed to happen. The sonar detects all of the nodes using SNMP (success!), but when I import them at the end of the wizard, I get 80% of my servers not proccessed. The specific error is "Node [node] not proccessed."


      I know this is a long winded post, but I would appreciate any advice.