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    Monitoring VPN / VOIP Networks


      I received the following from solarwinds in an email,



      Some common reasons customers expand their Orion NPM system with additional Polling Engines include:

      • Extending      Orion NPM’s monitoring of your data center and increasing the number of      devices, both physical and virtual, being monitored
      • Increased      monitoring of applications such as Exchange 2010, VMware VirtualCenter,      and Blackberry Enterprise Server
      • Rapid      growth of the virtualization infrastructure (vm sprawl) impacting poller      performance
      • Extending      Orion NPM’s monitoring to include VoIP, MPLS, or VPN based networks


      Can anyone tell me how to monitor IPSEC VPN tunnels and VOIP Kit? I would like to monitor some VPN Stats from a pair of Cisco ASR routers and various parts of our VOIP network, do I require an additional addon or something?