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    What's your server RAID config?


      I've seen the docs and watched a video on building a server for NPM, but I'm curious what builds people are using. Here's what I was thinking:


      2 disk, RAID1 for OS+pagefile

      2 disk, RAID1 for tempdb

      2 disk, RAID1 for transaction logs

      4 disk RAID 10 for database

      We are an NPM 2000 and APM 1000 customer.


      The question I have is regarding disk utilization:

      1. how much space do I need for the tempdb volume, the tlogs volume, the db volume, etc?

      2. are the tempdb and tlog volumes really benefiting from their own spindles? I realize it's best practice, but if the average disk sec/transfer and disk queue lengths are really low, they may not need their own spindles. if I could put them both on a RAID 1 set that'd be great. same with the db. if a RAID 1 set can handle that, even better.

      3. how much ram are you using? 8GB? 64? 4?