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    Lan Surveyor




      How to size the BOM for one Lan Surveyor and 3000 Responder client.


      What is the lic squ.


      Kindly help me sizing the bom

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          LANsurveyor Responder Clients are sold separately in packages of 25, 50, 100 and 500 clients. Contact your sales representative for additional information.

          So you have two options.

          1. Buy LANSurveyor and add the appropriate number of responder clients
          2. Buy the LANsurveyor Enterprise Bundle. The bundle provides a "starter pack" for enterprises by combining LANsurveyor and Responder Client licenses in an attractively priced bundle:

            • Three (3) LANsurveyor licenses
            • One thousand (1000) Responder Clients

            Additional LANsurveyor licenses or Responder Client packs can be purchased separately as needed.