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    Build report based on 7pm to 5am Average (our peak time)?


      Anyone have an idea on how to build a report where the time range is nightly from 7pm to 5am?

      Basically for a given perfmon stat we're collecting, the key period for us is at night. With perfmon we can schedule collections and then see the average, but it's a manual process of going to each server and clicking on the data. We're trying to do that with NPM and APM.

      What we've got so far in the report is it filtering where time is either greater than 7pm or less than 5am. But when we say "show data from last 7 days" to see how the averages conform, what it ends up doing is taking midnight to 5am on one day and combining it with the 7pm to midnight later on and then averaging all of that. Instead it needs to take 7pm to midnight of day 1 and add on midnight to 5am on day 2 and then average all of that.

      Hope that wasn't too confusing. We can't be the only ones trying to do this.