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    temporarily disable alerts/events?


      We measure several perfmon counters and many other thresholds for NICs that Orion had out of the box. I want to disable certain perfmon counter thresholds from filling up the events temporarily. Things like "disk queue length is in warning state" or "interface exceeded utilization threshold".

      How do I do this? I realize I can disable basic or advanced alerts, but not sure about events. We're in the beginning of our using ORION so this would help decongest while we learn the system.

      we do want it to log the stats still, just not show event entries.

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          The alerts create the events as a trigger action (see below). You can alter or disable the associated alerts. Instead of disabling the alert I would probably set under trigger condition the "Do not trigger this action until condition exists for more than" and set it for 6 minutes or so so that it must be active for at least 2 polling cycles. Then you'll get feedback about potential issues but filter out those annoying one time events. But if you really just don't want them then just disable it.