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    Adding new custom device

      I've added a new custom device to change password but I'm getting "Failed to exit config mode" error in the Info Log and below is the debug output...

      <R-12:40:18>ProCurve Access Point 530(config)# <W-12:40:18>password manager testing<R-12:40:18>password manager testing<W-12:40:18>[13]<R-12:40:18>[13][13][10]<R-12:40:26>ProCurve Access Point 530(config)# <W-12:40:26>exit<R-12:40:26>exit
      WFDRetVal=0. Waiting for: "procurve access point 530#"
      <W-12:40:57>[13]<R-12:40:57>[13][13][10]ProCurve Access Point 530# <D 12:40:57>
      <HOSTNAME="ProCurve Access Point 530">
      <PROMPT VTY="ProCurve Access Point 530:">
      <PROMPT ENABLE="ProCurve Access Point 530#">
      <PROMPT CONFIG="ProCurve Access Point 530(">

      ...the case is incorrect on the "Waiting For" value or doesn't that matter?

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          Steve Welsh

          Hi ShadyDave,

          The "Waiting For" is case 'insensitive' so that doesn't matter.

          Basically to fix the problem, you need to issue the relevant command to drop from ...530(config) prompt to the non-config mode prompt ...530#.

          Normally you'd do this in the 'ExitConfigMode' function, by sending the COMMAND_EXITCONFIG command (which you need to specify in the script header section where the 'Const' are declared.

          Incidentally, did you try the HP.Switch.2500 device type at all?