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    Help needed with Orion NPM report on usage


      Hello, we are trying to get a report from Orion NPM, but we are not succeeding.  The report we are seeking for would tell us who added or removed devices from Orion web console during the last 30 days.  I contacted tech support and they asked me to check on the Event section.  This does allow me to know which devices were added, removed, unmanaged, etc.  However, it does not tell us who did this, which forces us to deal with Orion users on the honor system.

      Well, the honor system works there is only one person that can add/remove devices in Orion... or as long as no one makes mistakes when adding/removing devices.  This is unfortunate, but that is the reality of human nature.  No one likes to be flagged as the one who created the headaches, especially for major issues.  In times like these, we need the tool itself (ie. Orion NPM) to step in and tell us who did what and when.

      Anyway, we (and I think many other Orion NPM users) need this kind of information greatly.  This would hepl us determine who needs additional training or have his/her rights curtailed within Orion NPM.  So, have you encountered this problem too?  If so, have you been able to generate a report that can help you deal with this need?  If so, I would appreciate if you share your thoughts/recommendations.

      By the way, to the Orion NPM developers... please, add this "feature request to Orion NPM"  The

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          I had one problem where a tech added a node, which showed up in the events, then the node was deleted and a different node was renamed and it's ip address changed to the new nodes.  Though the tech did not choose to do this.  I think it was a bug, but I could not repeat it and I caught it within minutes.  the tech said it had to of been him, but he doesn't know how it happened.  I had that happen before, but only when I had multiple tabs opened.

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