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    custom summaries & interface resources


      Is there a way to add an individual "Min/Max/Average bps In/Out" chart to a custom summary page as a custom object resource?

      I figured out how to add a chart that has an single line for either transmit or receive bps, but not a chart with all of the attributes you get when you drill into a normal default interface page.

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          I figured this out:

          1) in the "Edit" window for the custom object resource, click "Select Orion Object"

          2) in the "Select a Network Object" pop-up window, change the "show only" menu to "Interfaces". This is the key point I was missing before.

          3) Select the interface from the right side pane. This is a horrible UI choice here, since I have only a moderate sized installation and there are 75 pages of interfaces to scroll through!

          4) Click "Select Orion Object" button.

          5) Change the "Select Object Resource" menu to "Min/Max/Average bps - Today"