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    CatTools 3.2.19 [Enterprise] "Reason (30012) Protocol version mismatch error.. Giving up after 3 connection attempts"

      Hello All,

      I'm fairly new to Kiwi Tools and have been coming up with this error in my info log's.  We manage roughly 200 Catalyst switches (3550's, 3560's, 3570's) all trunked either through fiber or Ethernet.  I've tried many different variations of a the options available for "Devices" , like using my TACACS account for Username/Password or trying the local admin account and also trying Cisco SSH, SSH1 & SSH2.  I am able to access any switch via Secure SSH with my TACACS but no such luck with Kiwi Tools.  I've been running a test with "Device.Backup.Running.Config".  I will also mention doing a "show ssh" on any of our switches shows the version being 1.99.

      I thank you in advance for any comments, questions or suggestions.


      By the way, great site, tons of great information.