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    Email alerts - Monitored objects reporting


      I am new to Orion monitoring so excuse my ignorance. I can create basic email alerts and include objects that I want to monitored and who are the recipients for this alerts. We have so many email alerts configured already according to different recipients groups. My question is, is there a way that instead of going into each email alerts settings to find a particular object (i.e server) I can check the properties of that object and it tells me which alert group this object belongs.

      I need this because I am more worried about that there might be some servers already in the system which do not belongs to any alerts (email). and these servers may reboot or go down without sending any alert via email. Something that can tell Server a,b,c & d are included in Alert 123 and server x, y, & z are included in Alert 789.

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          What you will want to do is make your alerts more dynamic so they will always cover your systems without needing to modify the alert each time you add new systems.

          You can do this by using Custom Properties or perhaps Groups (groups available in the most recent version only) in conjunction with Advanced Alerts.  In the Advanced Alert trigger you can specify conditions that look for specific values in the Custom Properties.  Then as you add new systems so long as you specify the proper values in the Custom Properties of the node your alerts will automatically work and cover your new systems.

          Hope this helps!

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