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    Interface utilization Report, for exceed Precentage Threshold


      Hi All

      I need to Create a Report for Link Bandwidth capacity planning

      What i need to include in the Report is the following:

      - Node Name, Node IP, Interface Name, .... (The Easy part :))

      The tricky part is the following:

      -  I need the report to show only the period of times, in which the  bandwidth utilization on a specific link has passed a certain Threshold,  and specify the range of time in which this link has exceeded this  Threshold Value


      I have a WAN Link of 1 Mbps  (Ethernet or Serial), and i need to generate a report that shows the %  of utilization on this link IF it exceeds a certain Threshold Value  (let's say 70%), and shows for how long this Threshold has been  passed.(Time range)