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    APM 4.0 Install / Testing


      Installed 4.0 over the weekend.  So far so good.  Install ws smooth and flawless.

      Now for the testing.  Hmm, what to test?  I don't see any new templates.  I saw mention of additional VMware monitoring, but read another post here that states most of that was what we have with NPM 10.1.  Are there any specific areas that SW would like us to try and break :)


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          I know I will be testing SNMP Process Monitor "SNMP Timeout / Retries".  In 3.5 you cannot set these values.  I believe these values are now set on the NPM side for SNMP Timeout / Retries. I was thinking i would set 2500 timeout 2 retries and after a few successful polls i would change the "good" community string to an "bad" one.  While running a packet capture i am expecting to see 2 retries after 2500.   Will probably be tweaking those settings to 5000 and 4 retries to also test the settings.  Would be nice if you have time to test this as well.  Thanks

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            We'd love to hear your feedback on Groups and Dependencies when using them with applications in APM.  It would also be great to get any feedback you have on the new Virtualization tab. 

            You can find a list of the other features If you're curious as to what we're working on....  True, many of these are common to NPM, but any additional feedback on those features in the APM context would be great.  We'll actually have a second RC ready in a couple of weeks that will include the new VMware component monitor, a new ESX template, and the ability to specify RPC for the Windows Services monitor as an alternative to WMI.