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    Export to PDF produce wrong data - traps - events - can duplicate


      I am able to duplicate this problem and verifies (so far) that it affects both traps and events tab viewing.

      Problem: Exporting to pdf

      I click on the TRAPS (or events) link off the main menu when logged in Orion as admin. click on export to pdf, open or save comes up and everything works fine. View pdf and the data is basically the screen snap shot of the traps/events home page.  

      Modify my search for traps or events, run the search, view the output no problem.

      Try to export to pdf and everything appears to work fine except the data captured in the PDF is ONLY of the home page of TRAPS or EVENTS etc.. It doesn't export the results from the search that was produced on the screen. If you need output examples of this please let me know and I can provide them.