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    Problem with APM 4.0 RC Help File Instructions


      When I extracted the 4.0 RC zip file, I noticed a new local help file called OrionLocalHelp.APM4-rc.zip.  When I unzipped it, I read the install instructions which stated:

      Installing Local Help for your Orion Web Console

      1. Create a new IIS web site on port 8090 of your Orion Web Console and set the home directory path to C:\inetpub\solarwindshelp

      2. Expand the contents of this .zip archive file to c:\inetpub\solarwindshelp\

      3. Update the Orion Web Console Help File location:
       a. Click Admin in the Web Console toolbar, and then click Web Console Settings.
       b. In the Help Server field, enter the location where you expanded this file. For example: type http://yourOrionIISServer:8090/ where yourOrionIISServer is the netbios name or the IP address of your Orion Web Console server.

       1. This zip contains a number of folders that need to exist in the IIS server location you specify
       2. The win32 UI, System Manager, does not call the new help location specified in the Web Console.


      - I'd recommend removing Step 1 as it doesn't provide a method for sites running SSL to implement.
      - Change Step 2 to Step 1 and change the directory to c:\inetpub\solarwinds\solarwindshelp\
      - Change Step 3 to Step 2 and point it to http(s)://myOrionIISServer/solarwindshelp where the 's' is optional if you are running an SSL enabled website.


      - My current policy dictates that I have all Orion websites SSL enabled.  The directions don't help me accomplish this. 
      - I found though that if I extract the contents of this .zip archive file to c:\inetpub\solarwinds\solarwindshelp\ and I change my website to https://myOrionIISServer/solarwindshelp then it works.