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    Exchange WMI Monitor - Multi-Instance?

      I would LOVE to get this working to prove to the bosses that we do not need a tool like Quest Spotlight but I'm having some problems with some of the counters... I'm running Exchange 2007 (mailbox role) on Server 2008 and while most of the counters work i'm having problems with a few:

      Log Generation Checkpoint Depth - Bad Input parameter (Instance "information store" does not exist in the specified category)

      Information Store: I/O Database Reads Average Latentcy - Bad input parameter (Instance "information store/_total" does not exist in the specified category)

      Information Store: I/O Database Writes Average Latency - Same error as above

      All the "Store:RPC..." counters are showing a "Category does not exist error" or "XXX is marked as multi-instance"

      and I cannot see the mail submission performance counters. If I can remove any of these when monitoring a mailbox server I'll go ahead and do that but I'm thinking that some of these (at least) should be working. I have gone through the WMI testing stuff and everything seems to be correct. I can locate these WMI counters from the Orion server when I use wbemtest. Any ideas on why it's not working?

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          Verify that your categories and values are spelled correctly and that spaces are as required for the counters you are interested in.

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            Actually I've noticed this too, what version of APM are you running?

            We just upgraded to 3.5 and I noticed most of my disk related WMI counter APMs stopped working with the same error, but only if they were pointed at Win 2k8 and 2k8 R2 machines.  However if I toss these same counters into Perfmon they work great.

            If I use the wizard to add WMI counters, I notice that there are only a handful of catagories that I can choose performance counters on....

            And that's about it.  I can still monitor services and use scripts fine but particular performance counters (That worked fine when I was using 3.0) are unavailable.

            UAC is off and the account polling the counters is a local admin on the box.

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                Having a similar problem with Performance Counters against 2008 Exchange Servers.  Set up a number of polls monitoring various Exchange Transport Queues and Mail Store metrics.  All is well for awhile (days and weeks) then I get "Access to the Registry Key xxxx denied" and all of the polls for that particular server fail.  Verified that the user ID being used still had admin access  to that server.  When I go back and try to browse the Performance Counters for that server I now only see a handful of categories very similar to if not exaclty as shown in the post from kb1lxm.  Had these polls working against 20 Exchange servers and over the past few weeks have seen this failure against 5 of those servers and had to unmanage these monitors for those servers.   Running NPM 10.1.1 with APM 3.5.

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                Leon Adato

                I'm also seeing this. Using the Perfmon counters (not WMI), where other items are working fine. It's just a handful that are giving category or instance errors. When I check on the server, they appear to all be there.