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    Tri-Color Green not working on Network Atlas Maps


      We updated our NPM to version 10.0 last week from vers 9.5.1, since the update I have noticed that all the nodes on our network maps no longer display green when they are in an 'Up' state, this makes them look rather bland in comparison.

      I have noticed when looking at the appearance properties for the nodes in Network Atlas that the Tri-Color shows all the colours for each state except for the 'Up' state where the green is just shown as white.

      I have raised this issue as a ticket but so far not had a constructive reply so I wondered if anyone else uses the Tri-Color appearance in version 10.0 and if they had the same problem.

      I have tried looking around for the overlays for the Tri-Color but they don't appear to be in the same folder as all the other 'appearances' which do work ok.

      Any ideas?

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          Tri-color is a special style that allows you to have different pictures for different statuses. If a picture for a selected status is not available, the picture is displayed as same as the default picture with a colored rectangle behind.

          Up is the default status, that is why the rectangle is not displayed there. Adding pictures for other statuses is possible with naming the files like <default picture name>-<status>.<extension>. So if my default picture is named router.gif, picture for status down would be named like router-down.gif.

          There is a special style for displaying rectangle behind the default picture.

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              I already know what tri-color is, it has been working fine for me  in all previous versions of NPM, it is only now in version 10.0 that it doesn't work as it was before.

              I have been informed by Solarwinds Development that the green status was removed from the Tri-Color status because some people complained about the appearance. As far as I am concerned it looked fine, what a shame they just didn't add another option for those who didn't like the Tri-Color appearance rather than removing the green status from the Tri-Color option.

              Its things like this that make me hesitate to apply updates as you are never sure what is going to be affected.