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    NPM 10.1 Inventory Reports fail when selecting poller detail


      I upgraded to NPM 10.1 and so far I love it.  But I had several custom Inventory reports built that stopped working after the upgrade.  I took a look at them in report writer and it seems some fields may have changed (snmp I think) because the Select Field tab of my reports had items where no variables were selected, just all *'s.  That of course was not the case before upgrade.  No biggie, I updated and I figured all would ok.  It did not. 

      I found another issue where if I try to use the Polling Detail server name, or Engine ID, the report will not work.  Once I select those, it seems all other fields of the report are ignored.  Nothing shows up under the field formatting tab, and when I run the report all I get is a list of my 3 pollers, not a list of my devices being polled as intended.  If I uncheck the polling details fields everything works again.  Seems buggy to me, has anybody else seen these kind of issues or found a work around?