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    Issues with Orion NTA using a nexus 7010

      I have configured a Cisco Nexus 7010 with the following configuration below:

      flow exporter Orion_exporter

        destination X.X.X.X (Orion Server address which is able to ping both ways and no firewall in between)

        transport udp 2055

        source vlan X (same vlan that the orion server is located)

        version 9


      flow record Orion_record

        description IPv4 Flow

        match ipv4 source address

        match ipv4 destination address

        collect counter bytes

        collect counter packets


      flow monitor Orion_monitor

        record Orion_record

        exporter Orion_exporter


      interface vlan X

        ip flow monitor Orion_monitor input

        ip flow monitor Orion_monitor output


      When I add the node that I want to manage under the netflow tab is shows the transmit and receive statistics but the last net flow received is always never.  Need to ge this working as soon as possible and have been working on this for a couple of days now.  I have also tried this on a Cisco IOS device with bother version 5 and 9 and still getting the same results.